Dynamode 2-Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Adapter Card with Riser Bracket


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Product description

Product Description

Looking to move up and take advantage of up to ten times the speed of your existing USB2.0 devices? Want to add SuperSpeed peripherals but don’t have the necessary USB3.0 ports on your Computer?

Introducing the Dynamode USB-2PCI-3.0 which is the latest in high-performance, fully certified SuperSpeed USB3.0 PCI Express Interface Cards allowing compatible USB3.0 devices to communicate at up to 5Gbps, up to ten times the speed of existing USB2.0 devices!

Using the latest NEC D70200 USB3.0 chipset, the Dynamode USB-2PCI-3.0 incorporates two SuperSpeed USB3.0 Ports which of course are fully backward compatible with existing USB2.0 Devices and any USB2.0 cables you may have. Fully Plug n’ Play, the USB-2PCI-3.0 is fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

Now there’s no easier and cost-effective way in moving up to the fast lane of SuperSpeed USB3.0 connectivity!

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Dynamode SuperSpeed USB-2PCI-3.0 2 Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Adaptor


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